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Launch Commercial is the path to a more profitable commercial real estate business, putting the agent at the center of the relationship. We give you concierge-level support so you can focus on growth. 

We solve the gaps of scale and accelerate growth for commercial agents, teams, or brokerages that are hitting their current performance ceiling. 

This creates a healthier and more diverse commercial real estate industry. Our path to profit is transparent, accountable and invests in the agent and their success at every turn.


Provide a most profitable improved institutional, and commercial real estate experience for agents and vendors. Through this, we create a more inclusive and accessible commercial real estate industry, guided by improved moral guidance and measured by improved service standards for all involved.


To grow leaders, connect like-minded individuals, and provide a platform to share tools to grow collectively in life and business. Move our partners and their clients from living a successful life to living a life of significance. We invite new faces, voices, and life experiences to the table of investment real estate.


Excelling leaders, building wealth, creating access to equity and success, and growing businesses.


FUN, Unwavering Transparency, Partnership, Inclusion, Predictable and Measurable Wins.


An institutional and service-based Platform that thinks like an innovator, acts as a disruptor, and focuses all its activities on growth, service, and wealth for all it touches.

What We Do Do Do

 We are here to help you! We offer a variety of services that are designed to support the businesses of CRE agents. We have solved many market gaps and aim to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Save Time

Each of our individual services are designed to give back hours of valuable time per week, to enable CRE agents to instead focus on the most dollar productive activates inside their businesses.

Save Money​

Optimizing for the customer's needs is always at the forefront of our minds when we develop products and services. Our aim is to provide best in class experiences that are white label and at or below market pricing. We believe that by doing this, we can provide customers with the optimal experience.

Make Money​

If you're looking to save money and increase your profits, our services are perfect for you. We can help you reduce your expenses by up to 20% while also increasing your commission volume. This will enable you to double your profitability and take more market share. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you run a more profitable business.

Our Team

Bobby Shepherd

Platform Partner

Cynthia Lee

Platform Partner

Kyle Harrison

Platform Partner

Alicia Shepherd

Platform Partner

Tawnya Mosgrove

Platform Partner

Sabrina Cicchi

Platform Partner

Nicole Waits

Launch Director

Kendall Herring

Launch Marketing

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