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KW Platinum Keller Williams Berks County is proud to announce the launch of their KW Commercial Division under Market Center Investor Brad Weisman and Team Leader Paul Stoltzfus. The new division will focus on commercial real estate opportunities, offering exclusive services and benefits that no other real estate firms can match. 

“We are thrilled to be launching this new division and providing our agents with an unprecedented level of service and support,” says Stoltzfus. “Our team has worked hard to develop a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to make it easier for commercial agents to get into production quicker and close deals in today’s competitive market. Agents now have access to a full education platform, up-to-date market insights, advanced marketing strategies, and top-of-the-line technology solutions. There is so much momentum right now with KW Commercial, we couldn’t choose a better time for this launch.” 

KW Commercial is one of the largest groups of commercial practitioners in the industry generating $21 billion dollars in volume in 2022.       

“KW Commercial is a powerhouse and it just got bigger with the addition of KW Berks County,” says Cynthia Lee, Executive Leader of KW Commercial.  “A contributing factor to our rapid growth is that we removed the barrier to entry into commercial real estate by building a comprehensive training, education and mentorship program for all expertise levels. This alone is not only critical for beginners, but for seasoned agents looking to expand their businesses. Our vision for KW Commercial is to become the industry standard by being the most diversified, equitable, inclusive and educated organization.”  

With its unrivaled database and analytics capabilities, KW Commercial offers agents unique opportunities for success. The platform provides access to in-depth market data that allows agents to identify trends and capitalize on opportunities at any given time. In addition, KW Commercial also offers advanced marketing strategies that enable agents to create targeted campaigns that drive leads and generate more sales. 

“We look forward to helping our agents reach their full potential as they grow their businesses,” says Stoltzfus.

KW Commercial Berks County, a part of Keller Williams Realty International, Inc. was named to Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies 2023 List.  

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