Choose the perfect Commercial Virtual Assistant for your business needs.


1- Business Evaluation

Meet with your dedicated Growth Backer and discuss your business needs.

2- Sign Agreement and Pay Setup Fee

Approve the job description and you are ready to sign your agreement!

Schedule An Intro Call

Meet your Cyberbacker Support Team

4- Resumes Review and Interviews

Cyberbacker screens the candidates so only qualified talent is in your pipeline to review.

5 - 10 Day Cyberbacker Training

Cyberbacker Commercial will on-board and conduct the initial training to get your VA set up for success.

6- Launch

Launch your new virtual partnership!

Our Pricing Options

Cyberbacker Commercial has a dedicated, professional team to help you identify the best candidate for your business.

  • Experienced VA’s
  • Resume and Behavioral Assessment Provided
  • Video Introduction
  • 5 – 10 Day Training Bootcamp
  • Access to exclusive Commercial VA training
  • Dedicated Career Backer and Growth Backer to support you and your assistant
FULL time

$1,500 /month


$1,000 /month

Who we are in business with matters

Mind Set

The #1 most important factor in our hiring decision boils down to Mind Set. Our VA hiring process includes a VA specific behavioral assessment we use to determine if they are the right fit for your businesses.


We work to match the appropriate skill set for your business. Do you need a strong database manager or are you looking for general administrative talent? We work together to define the key skills needed for each role.

Let's Work Together

Ready to save time, money and stress?

We make the interview and hiring process simple.  Let’s discuss your business needs today.


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