2023 February Social Media Box


February 2023 Real Estate Social Marketing Box

  • Contains 3 customizable social images per day and a social content calendar.
  • It helps you generate leads at an affordable price.

Get your hands on this social marketing box which will make generating leads easier for you. This marketing package contains a 31-day social calendar that will keep you engaged. With a script for phones, you would be able to contact your clients in the most eloquent way possible. Along with that, there is a FB script to keep your FB Live sessions entertaining and engaging. With a package like this, you will be able to secure customers quickly. Our experts have designed everything keeping in mind what clicks with the customer and various other marketing techniques.

Social Media Management

  • Market to diverse customers.
  • Generate leads and sales.
  • Post and schedule graphics on Facebook.

Social media has become a major platform to market your listings and gain diverse customers. By keeping in touch with your customers through social media, you can remind them of your brand and the values you stand for. Our social media setup can provide you with all the help you need to manage your posts, make them creative, and keep the customers interested. We provide agents with social media teams who will add in contact, logo, and information on your page. They will also add edited graphics and schedule them while also adding some touches to your email template.

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