HUB Systems & Staffing Partner

  • CEO and Managing Partner of ExecAssist Virtual Leverage LLC
  • Founding Partner and COO for Collab-Engine LLC
  • CEO of Jump Jet LLC
  • Director of IT for Council of Military Spouse Clubs
  • Command Team Member at MCAS Kaneohe Bay
  • Board of Governors Member MCBH Officers Club

Prior to her current entrepreneurship activities, she was the VP of the Board of Directors, and Operations Manager for the Marine Gift Shop in Okinawa, Japan. She has extensive experience in building, tech systems, processes, and training teams to use those systems and processes in websites, lead generation, CRMs, and social media. She is an industry leader in digitizing and automating manual processes to scale for today and for long-term growth. She is also an advocate and cheerleader for small business owners looking to lead a life by design.

Sabrina works to develop the Virtual Assistant team into leaders internally through change management models that will not only empower VA leaders but create an environment focused on diversity, vision, relationships and progress. She works diligently to design solutions, engage the business, enable the workforce, and sustain a change through culture shaping.

Sabrina has been a member of a nonprofit board at every duty station since 2006, holding positions in operations, marketing, and VP with a focus on bridging the relationships of the military and local communities and impacting thousands of local and military families over the years. From Key Volunteers to Local Soccer Club Vice President she has a diverse background of military and civilian non-profit involvement.

Sabrina is originally from Severn, Maryland married to a US Marine and mother of 3. She was a Division 1 athlete graduating Cum Laude with a degree in International Business – Importing and Exporting from Strayer University in 2003.